Detailed Guide to Sic Bo

By 24 July 2021

Casinos feature several kinds of games, and one of the games that you can play at a physical casino and casino sites is sic bo. It is a game of pure luck and does not require any special kind of training to learn how to play it. This guide will talk about sic bo's gameplay and the different strategies you can use. Visit canadaonline-casino to find a list of top online casinos that feature sic bo.

Sic Bo Gameplay

Unlike what some people think, sic bo is not a difficult game to play or understand. As a dice game, the entire action and gameplay revolve around the outcome of a dice roll. An impressive thing about sic bo is that you can place a wide range of bets. Aside from that, it is the dealer of the game that throws the dice and not the players. To play sic bo, you need to first place your preferred bet.

You can place a big bet which means betting that the outcome of the dice roll will be from 11 to 17. Another kind of bet you can place in sic bo is the small bet which means that you are betting on the outcome of the dice roll to be from 4 and 10. There are three dice that the dealer rolls in the game at once. The payout of sic bo bets varies depending on its probability of winning.

Free Sic Bo

One of the many advantages of online casinos is that some of them feature free versions of their games. If you want to understand how sic bo is played, and you are looking for a way to practice al the moves of the game, you can try the free versions at top online casinos. Free sic bo will also give you the chance to get familiar with the rules as well as features of the game.

In addition to that, playing free sic bo can be the perfect platform for you to test gaming strategies. It is a well-known fact that having a strategy can go a long way to help you win more in a casino game. You can create an entirely new sic bo strategy from scratch and perfect them on the free version of the game before you proceed to apply the strategy when you play the real money version.

Play Sic Bo at a Top Online Casino

The casino that you are using also contributes to the kind of experience that you will get when you play sic bo or any other casino game. For this reason, it is paramount that you choose a top online casino if you want the best gaming experience. Play at an online casino that is licensed by one or more well-known and strict gaming authorities in the industry like the Swedish Gambling Authority, the UK Gambling Commission and so on.

You should also take your time to check the bonuses that an online casino offers you to use on sic bo if you are joining majorly to play real-money sic bo. Top online casinos reward their players with bonuses like welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, free plays and so on. Likewise, you should take into account how good the casino customer support is and the payment methods that are supported for deposits as well as withdrawals.

Sic Bo Strategy

This detailed guide has explained how you can start playing sic bo. If you want the best from the game, and you want your winning chances increased, then you need to consider using some strategies. First, define a budget for playing the game and stick to low-risk bets as a beginner. Aside from that, you can use Martingale strategy which suggests increasing bets each time a player loses until he wins in the game. However, be cautious as no strategy is 100% guaranteed.